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    Unanswered: Access Form Error Microsoft Access has stopped working

    Hello Access Experts,

    I am receiving this message, Microsoft Access has stopped working when attempting to open my access form. I am using Microsoft Access 2013/Office 2013, 32-bit OS. I have some vba code and macros in my forms. It was working fine for awhile and now I am receiving this error message.

    Any ideas on what is going on?

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    in short No., there is (virtually) no information to go on
    Rarely do things stop working without providing an error message

    check you haven't turned warnings off, if so turn 'em back on OR insert an error handler

    it could be corruption of ther db, a possibel fix is ON A COPY perform a compact and repair

    learn how to use a debugger
    open the form in design mode
    put a watch on the form load event, then step through the code til the error occurs. then you have localised where or waht the fault is

    if all else fails it may be time to do a decompile or use one of th erepair tools
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    Hi Mlrnet,

    Try this solution:

    1. under File>Options, go to Add-ins tab. At the bottom of the screen there is a drop down list "Manage" and a "Go" button along with it.
    2. Choose COM Add-ins option and press Go button.
    3. Check the Add-in "Send to Bluetooth". If it is present, then uncheck and save it.

    I hope it will help you!

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