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    Unanswered: Db2 Express-c windows 10 compatibility

    Hi to all,
    i'm a new user in this forum.

    I have installed in a client windows 10 professional the version of db2 9.7 express-c.
    I tried to do that in silence mode (I found the way in ibm guide) and the installation has gone right.

    How can i be sure that the installation of my OS and the db2 version work well together (by example if my application could be crash for the no-compatibility between OS and Db2)?

    Someone has any information from ibm about that?

    thanks, bye


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    The IBM paid support channels will only support Version 11.1 of DB2 on Win10. If you get older versions to work you will need to understand that doing so is "not supported".
    To check which versions of which IBM software work on which operating systems, please google for IBM Software Product Compatibilty Report website and run a report there.

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