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    Question Unanswered: [ Access 2013 ] Navigation Control Linked To Parent Form

    hello 4 all

    i'm building a new database using a new navigation control forms

    i know that i can use sub forms / tab control to link it with parent form using ( id ) for example

    and i want to use navigation control in form(because of the new design on it ) instead of tab control and link it with parent form by ID

    my example is

    -Employee ( ID , Name )
    -Expertise ( ID, Expertise )
    -Previous Jobs ( ID, Jobs )

    Relationship all via ID

    -Previous Jobs

    -Employee ( Parent Form )
    -Expertise ( Navigation control )
    -Previous Jobs ( Navigation control )

    now , when i opened EMPLOYEE form and entering first record ( name ) , and go to
    navigation control ( expertise tab ) surly it didn't open record in parent form

    that's what i want
    a way to link navigation control tabs with parent form to automatically get id from parent form and filter all navigation tabs with it

    my example DB attached
    if you can tell me how or reattach DB, i'll be great full
    thanks in advance.

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    The SUB form MUST use the 2 properties:
    Link master field=id
    Link child field = id

    THEN all sub records will match master form record.

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    Its not a subform

    Its navigation control

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