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    Unanswered: Inspection Databse

    I am creating a database that will store facility inspections for our company. There are 70 questions on each inspection. These questions are divided out into 7 different categories for the inspection. I have worked on the table structure and think that I have it down. I will attached the relationship report to the bottom of this post. The inspections are called BSAAudits. There is not an inspector table as this list can change several time a week with employee turn over and maintenance of the list would be a nightmare.

    My next step will be to create the forms to use for Data entry. I currently have 300 facility inspections in paper form on my desk that I need to start analyzing data by the end of the week.

    I would like to have a form that you create the inspection and select the different categories that are being inspected. From there the entry form would list the questions and have a space to grade the item and make a comment.

    I am a self taught access person and am currently trying to do this the correct way as other people will need to be able to make adjustments and understand it in the future. (Not just for my personal use).

    Any directions or advice would be greatly appreciate.

    Scanned from CPY000046.pdf

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    The form of inspection entry, put a combo box with the catagory choices.
    In the AFTERUPDATE event, filter the questions on this choice.
    Sub cboCata_afterupdate()
      Me.filter="[cata]='" & cboCata & "'"
    End sub

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