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    Unanswered: Automatic Upload of image to an attachment field

    I have a field in my form called Signature whose date type is "Attachment" because i want it to hold files and images. Please, I need a code that will automatically upload the corresponding signature belonging to a particular name as soon as i select the name in the field named "Full_Name". The signatures are saved in a folder called Signature in the desktop. i currently have an "on change event procedure" on the field "Full_Name" as follows;

    Private Sub Full_Name_Change()

    If Me.Full_Name = "ABCD" Then
    Me.Signature = ("C:\Users\Djang\Desktop\Signature\Photo1.jpg")

    End If
    End Sub

    But this is not working please help.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    Put a breakpoint on the code, and step through it. If you dont know how to, tben read up on debugging in Access.....

    Bear in mind if tnis is required to display a signature for each row then tbe cide should also be in tbe FORM'S on current event which triggers when the current row changes.

    If this app stores individual details and signatures i hope for the peoples whoose data you are storing sake that you have really, really tied down your security policues and proved they can and do work
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