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    Unanswered: Problems creating a "delete query" to delete duplicate rows/records

    When I create a "delete query" it deletes everything in the table (table is named (Deliveryorderalternative). I need it to delete only the duplicate rows/records (under the AlternativeDesc category) while leaving the 1st original row/record intact. What is the procedure to accomplish this?

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    Put a where clause to limit the row (s) affected
    But your issue is how do you know which rows are duplicates? And by definition which rows to delete (and keep)
    But even more important why or how are you getting duplicate rows in the first place. Sometimes thats done through table / column / index design, sometimes its manual procedures , usually its both
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    The table I’m using is called “PurchaseQuoteDtl”
    The text field that I’m using to look for duplicates in is called “GP Code Custom”.
    The field name for the primary key and the autonumber in the PurchaseQuoteDtl table is called DSqId.
    How would I go about constructing code for a delete query using this data?

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