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    Unanswered: Updating Tables via an upload where name fields may not match perfectly

    Basically I have a Database whereby I need to upload from csv inputs each week.
    The problem is that in my Database I have a "Name" field, however the update data comes from various sources and as such there will be differences in the way the names are spelt or maybe in different forename/surname order.

    I have in mind the Fuzzy Lookup or pwrVLookUp feature in Excel.

    Is there a way of Uploading the new Data and being able to overcome these differences or would it more efficient to put the effort into cleansing the data before upload?

    Would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this challenge.

    many thanks,

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    Its can be done thru SP or scripts, because mysql dump the data checking the value exists or not.
    Not check the different so you can handle this one SP or scripts

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    consider using a matching algolrythm such as soundex double/triple metaphone

    another approach is to run a two stage process
    1) import the CSV into a holding table
    2) add what you can that does match, delete those rows from the holding table
    3) then get the users to resolve the issues and re submit (step 2).
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