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    Unanswered: conditional Formating for dates greater than a certain number of weeks

    Hello I am not that good at excel and I am trying to highlight cells that have dates greater than a certain number of weeks to be either yellow, green or red

    I'm trying to add two dates together in two different columns and if the outcome is greater than

    21 days =hightlight yellow
    Greater than 28 days = Hightlight Green
    Greater than 14 days = hightlight Red

    now sure how thats done in excel?

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    Use the relevant date time function for excel
    On the face of it the days function looks a contender

    Then apply as many rules as required

    Change any cell references from being absolute to relative.

    As an indidual I tend to do this sort of stuff in vba as there is less risk ofscrewing something up,. Iterate through a column that will always hold data
    Test the value
    Apply the (is it color) proprty then move to next col....
    Run it as a macro. By forcong it as code it doesnt matter if users insert or delete rows / columns the macro tests the values it finds and acts accordingly
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