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    Unanswered: Split DB, Front Form: Is there a way to specify loading of a default record?

    Running MS Access 2016, I have a database split into an Access db backend and .accde Front end. (Of course, I have an .accdb form that I edit and make changes on).

    IN this project, the front end opens on the first subject in one of the tables that is part of the database. However, I would like the database to open instead on no record/blank or on a fake patient/dummy patient established for this purpose.

    Any tips/tricks for working around this one?

    My one thought, really a hack, is to empty the db of data (retaining a backup), and then reimporting and appending the data that I want -- with a fake patient/dummy patient as the first subject.

    Is there a more delicate/code-like way to do this?

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    Yes, open the form to the record you want
    Docmd.openForm "frmMain",,,"[id]=99"

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    For a blank Record (new) the code window for that Form:
    Private Sub Form_Load()
      DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec
    End Sub

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    ranmans suggestion will try to open a row who's ID is 99, if thats your dummy record your'e good to go
    Missinglinqs suggestion will open and start the new row addition, if thsts ok then you are good to go

    another approach is to open the form and provide a row you know doesn't exist.... say
    Docmd.openForm "frmMain",,,"[id]=-666"
    ...assuming that id is an autonumber column

    why consider that
    your approach means you have a dummy row, dummy data. that then needs reversing out of any queries used for reporting, it may need extra workin forms and reports. it relies on there being that specific row existing. if someone deletes it...
    missinglinq's approach starts the form to add a new record. if you are concerned baout sequential numbers you are creating a problem. grantred you shouldn't use a system generated number as a substitute for a contiguous list but some people do persist
    it means forcing the user to cancel the entry
    someone not knowing the application could indaverntantly add a new row

    ...granted these are semantics. if either approach works for you, run with them. its not what I'd do, but its not my application, either will work
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