I tried to execute following SQL which contains call to java

declare @thr java.lang.Thread
declare @vo java.lang.Object
select @vo=new java.lang.Object()
declare @test com.ge.med.event.TestRunnable
select @test=new com.ge.med.event.TestRunnable() // -- instantiating runnable instance
select @thr=new java.lang.Thread(@test) // instantiating thread
select @vo=@thr>>start() // executing thread
select java.lang.Thread.sleep(10000) // sleep of 10 sec so that we can allow thread execution to finish
print 'hai' // console printing

The runnable class is

public class TestRunnable implements Runnable

public void run()
System.out.println("inside thread");



After execution , ‘hai’ is printed after a delay of 10 sec and also no error is there . But the sysout in thread ( Runnable ) is not printed .Thread is not getting executed. Please advise . Sybase ASE used is 15.7