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    Unanswered: output of db2ls command to check db2 connect product installed or not


    I need to check if db2 connect product is installed or not.
    a) what should be the output of db2ls command if the product is installed? Can someone please provide output if possible?
    b) If I have db2 enterprise server edition installed, does it come with db2 connect functionality (ability to access mainframes db) or a seperate license needs to be purchased along with license for db2 enterprise server edition.


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    It is wise to have a single question per post, otherwise long threads become confusing and waste other people's time.

    For question (a) here is a sample:

    /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7/install/db2ls -q -p -c

    CONNECT_SERVER: Connect Server

    For question (b) For licencing questions, the answer sometimes depends on the *version* and platform, so you should post that information when asking questions. For presently supported versions of DB2, IBM strongly recommends using IBM data server drivers and clients, instead of the DB2 Connect server.
    If your company insists on using a DB2-connect server, a separate licence is required.

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    The DB2 Connect license is required disregarding of the type of connectivity to allow connections to zDB2 from the distributed (LUW) clients.
    Even one decides to use DB2 Client instead of DB2 Connect.

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