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    Unanswered: Some General Questions

    Hi all
    Just to find out if anyone maybe just maybe:
    1. Heard from Mikail?
    2. Found an alternative for Brilliant Database?
    3. Tested Brilliant DB V 11 and have some positive or negative feedback?
    4. Lastly does anyone written a BDB program and the size is bigger than 500mb?

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    1: Still active on Facebook, not responding to Emails at
    2: Only MyVisualDatabase, but it has a problem if you change afterwards the database structure. It deletes the old database incl. content and creates a new database. Other software I have seen works with Access DB or with other "inhouse" databases. Not what I would look further into.
    3: Not really because Mikhail is not reponding to emails.
    4: Not that I know.

    EDIT 1: Typos removed.

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    Thank you

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