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    Cte vs derived tables

    I've been working with databases for ~3 years and something I think I noticed but wanted to ask the community, mainly senior members. It seems some of my co workers prefer derived tables and other subqueries whereas I prefer using CTE's Unions etc. I know that both have their place but I like to build out my structures and then do my dirty work while a lot of other like to build them into one structure. Is this just me being a noob not being able to handle the spaghetti code? Just curious if this is just a preference in coding or if there is a deeper reason behind this. Such as learning style etc.....

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    Sorry don't have better idea about this. Might someone will help you about this issue. Thanks!

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    I think its more a preference thing. As in anything else one way may perform better this time than next time. Never discount other methods when looking for speed of processing.

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    To me, more often than not, code clarity is the most important factor.

    On the occasions that performance is the most important things in the world and the CTE is a bottleneck, I will change the code appropriately... but likely add lots of comments!

    You very rarely win any points from your peers by writing code that's difficult to follow or understand!
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