Hello dB people :-)

ME - live in NSW, Australia. Retired, volunteer for local SES (emergency service). Previously a solo web designer/developer (basic).

SKILLS - basic dB design at Uni, then dabbled with MS-Access (ugh), basic FMP (stopped in 2001), basic MySQL (needed help with PHP). My concept-designs are great (I think).

FAILS - table relationships. I get confused (maybe my concepts are too complex?)

WANT - advice from time to time to confirm: a) what I've missed; b) if I'm heading in the right direction.

NEED - Help with current PROJECT - as posted in Database Concepts & Design threads: "Search Member Qualifications"
If i can get on top of this it will resolve issues with my other bigger dB project.

Many TIA, and hope that I can return the favours.

-- Anakowi.