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    Unanswered: Microsft SQL Query

    I want to know more about Microsoft SQL as I have read few article about this topic but I did not understand that much.

    It would be very helpful if you can help me out as I am very enthusiastic about this.

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    I'd strongly suggest that you check out PASS. PASS is an international organization that supports Microsoft SQL Server, the Data Platform including BI, HADOOP, etc. and the community of users of those products. Their web site literally uses a "divide and conquer" to split up the various areas of interest, then provides links to allow you to easily navigate to wherever you choose to go from there.

    The Microsoft SQL Server forum here at DBForums has become rather static, but it offers great historical reference and there are many people who still respond to questions like this one. This community is unique on the web because there is strong moderation, we don't allow the personal attacks that other forums seem to accept...

    In other words, here at DBForums people can call ideas "silly", but no one can call other people "silly" (or anything else). Joe Celko likes to test the boundaries, and he gets more leeway than most because that caustic behavior is his "internet persona" and he affects it everywhere that he posts... He is also so good and giving that he needs that abrasive reputation to prevent others from abusing his good nature.

    If you want true training, I'd recommend Pluralsight. Their training is first rate, often written and delivered by the people who are creating new technologies. I can't speak highly enough of PluralSight!

    There are many other resources on the internet. If you can post a more specific question, I'd be happy to help!

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    You can also check out for some free beginning lessons.

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    I would highly recommend Rudy Limeback's book: Simply SQL
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