Hello all,

I am very much a novice with Access. I'm a social worker and am using Access to track data for a grant funded pilot project. There are tables for our referrals, our clients' court info, assessment dates, social security applications, and before/after data. There are about 15 queries that we use to look at info like demographics for all of our open clients or due dates for assessments as well as outcomes for our clients. We have 4 users and keep it password protected as it contains a lot of info protected by HIPAA and is on a shared drive accessible by thousands of other employees.

Lately we have had increasing problems. Right now, when anyone logs in it says the password is wrong the first time, then the second time it works. I tried to unencrypt it but when I go to do that the option says "encrypt with password" as though it thinks it is not already encrypted. If I click that it asks for the password and tells me "not a valid password" over and over.

Lately it won't save sometimes stating that it is "locked by another user" (no one else has it open).

We also used to be able to enter data directly into queries but suddenly we can't (this is a major function that is useful to us).

Can anyone provide some direction for me as to what is causing these problems?