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    Brand Spaking New

    So I'm brand new to SQL...and have very little experience with it.

    I've started a course at my school and taken a pre-assessment to test my current knowledge.

    I scored a 68%...not great I know, but the problem is that none of the answers were reviewed after the test, and I don't know WHY I got them wrong.

    I'm sure everyone here could pass the attached quiz in a second, but I'm looking for detailed explanations to go along with the answers...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    A n00b
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    So, uh. What were your wrong answers? I am not sure how to get you on the right path, if I don't know where you strayed.

    Still, 68% on such a test is not bad for a rank beginner (i.e. before you finish the first class).

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    You'll be okay if you keep at it. Tests are just an indicator not a final saying of practical use

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