Dataedo is a powerful tool to document your SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases.

Data Dicitonary
You can easily describe each database element (table, column, key, etc.) with simple UI.

You can create and export ER diagrams using data imported from database.

Group everything into modules
Even single databases consist of plenty database objects. To help you understand it split it into smaller comprehensible pieces.

Rich text and images
Write your documentation using rich text and images. Powerful mixture of word processor and database manager.

Keep it always up to date
Database structure changes all the time. With Dataedo you can update changes in your documentation with one click.

Track documentation progress
You can track progress of documentation as a whole, by module, by type and for each single object. This will help you get the job done.

Teamwork ready
Enable your team work together on documentation. Dataedo can hold all data in global repository.

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Sample HTML documentation

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