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    Unanswered: New to ACCESS **need help

    Need Help

    I have Supplier names and then I also have count of parts we buy from these supplier. Which function or Criteria I should use to get Count of "Unique part numbers" from each supplier.

    I am trying to use DCount


    I am using Access 2010 .Query builder

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    Create a Total Query with the following SQL with appropriate changes:

    SELECT [tblSpend2016].[Supplier ID], [tblSpend2016].[PART], Count([tblSpend2016].[PART]) AS PARTCNT
    FROM [tblSpend2016]
    GROUP BY [tblSpend2016].[Supplier ID], [tblSpend2016].[PART];
    and save the Query with the Name: QUERY1. After that you can use the following expression, as you were trying to get the required output:

    =DSUM("PARTCNT","QUERY1","[Suppler ID]=XYZ123")

    Insert the correct supplier ID in place of XYZ123. Insert the correct Supplier information in place of [Supplier ID] in the SQL and in the =DSUM() function as well.
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