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    Need to decide foreign and primary Key

    I am coming from networking background. I am troubling to decide foreign and primary key for the following database.

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    Primary functionality of these tables are :

    1) Items tables include unique entry products
    2) In purchase table, entry can be only made for the product if that product exist in items table. There fore, ITEM_ID in Items Table is unique but in purchase table it can be replicated.

    So i am not sure what to make as a foreign key and primary key.

    My assumption is: make item _ ID --- Items -- Primary Key

    Order_ID -- Purchase Table-- Primary Key

    but when will foreign key will come in? which field i should set it up?

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    Hi Kam.gee

    I suggest this conceptual (CDM) & logical data model (LDM)

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you use a tool like Power*AMC (paying) or JMERISE (freeware) with basic knowledge about modeling data base, all your problem will disappear
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