Hello Everyone

I am English, retired and live in the Philippines. I have basic dB design skills and enjoy creating Db,s more of an hobby.

I have problems with table relationships. I get confused where to use PK and Fk and looking for advice from time to time to confirm: a) what I've missed; b) if I'm heading in the right direction.

Need HELP with current PROJECT a simple Db for a Auto Repair Shop. I have no real problems with the tables and forms but struggle with a report I want to create. I want a report as an Invoice using a Parent report and a Sub-report but I can,t get the link to work. Its driving me crazy as I know its a simple fix I,ve just gone Brain Dead.

If i can get on top of this it will resolve issues with my other bigger dB project.

Hoping someone has the Time to have a look at my DB and put me right.