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    Unanswered: DB2 10.5.7 prereqcheck failed - Requirement not matched - JAVA

    I am installing db2 10.5 fixpack 7 on AIX and it failed during prereqcheck on JAVA. Where should I check for the Java version?

    # ./db2prereqcheck -p -v

    ================================================== ========================

    Checking prerequisites for DB2 installation with the DB2 pureScale Feature. Version: "". Operating system: "AIX".

    Validating "kernel level " ...
    Required minimum operating system kernel level: "6.1".
    Actual operating system kernel level: "7.1".
    Requirement matched.

    Validating "AIX technology level and service pack " ...
    Required minimum technology level: "1" Service pack: "6"
    Actual technology level: "3" Service pack: "5"
    Requirement matched.

    Validating "Java" ...
    DBT3507E The db2prereqcheck utility failed to find the following package or file: "Java".
    ERROR : Requirement not matched

    Validating "XL C/C++ Runtime" ...
    Required minimum "XL C/C++ Runtime" level: ""
    Actual version: ""
    Requirement matched

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    TSAMP on AIX will be installed if there is some existing Java runtime environment only.
    Run the installer with the options -f sysreq -f NOTSAMP or install some jvm first.

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