I am trying to setup a Linux VM (CentOS 7 with GNOME) with Sybase ASE 16.
The VM (VirtualBox) is configured with 4GB RAM and 4 CPUs

This is my first time using Sybase, and the installer simply fails at the end when trying to create the server:

I found some logfiles under /opt/sap/ASE-16_0/init/logs

configASELog.log contains this:

Configure New SAP ASE

Warning: You have selected '4k' as the logical page size for the SAP Adaptive
Server Enterprise. If you plan to load dump from another database, make sure
this logical page size matches the size of the source database. The default
logical page size in previous SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise versions was 2KB.

Building SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 'aseserver':
Writing entry into directory services...
Directory services entry complete.
Building master device...
Master device complete.
Writing RUN_aseserver file...
RUN_aseserver file complete.
Starting server...
Server started.
Set SA password...
SA password is set.
Building sysprocs device and sybsystemprocs database...
sysprocs device and sybsystemprocs database created.
Running installmaster script to install system stored procedures...
installmaster: 10% complete.
installmaster: 20% complete.
installmaster: 30% complete.
installmaster: 40% complete.
installmaster: 50% complete.
installmaster: 60% complete.
installmaster: 70% complete.
installmaster: 80% complete.
installmaster: 90% complete.
installmaster: 100% complete.
installmaster script complete.
Creating two-phase commit database...
Two phase commit database complete.
Extending tempdb database ...
Extending tempdb database complete.
Installing common character sets (Code Page 437, Code Page 850, ISO Latin-1,
Macintosh and HP Roman-8)...
Character sets installed.
Setting server name in SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise...
Server name added.
Enable SAP ASE for ASE Cockpit monitoring...
Task failed
Server 'aseserver' was not created.

Failed to Configure New SAP ASE

I found another log file: srvbuild1009.001 which is quite big. The full logfile is here: http://pasted.co/fb8442e6

There is no error in that logfile except one at the end (after it seems it did create the database and the server):

Sun Oct  9 08:45:53 2016: (Shell command) /opt/sap/ASE-16_0/bin/dataserver -saseserver -d/opt/sap/data/master.dat -e/opt/sap/ASE-16_0/install/aseserver.log -c/opt/sap/ASE-16_0/aseserver.cfg -M/opt/sap/ASE-16_0 -N/opt/sap/ASE-16_0/sysam/aseserver.properties -i/opt/sap > /dev/null 2>&1 
Sun Oct  9 08:46:14 2016: Create technical user 'tech_user' for ASE Cockpit.
Sun Oct  9 08:46:14 2016: (Shell command) /opt/sap/COCKPIT-4/plugins/ASEMAP/TechnicalUserCreate.sh /tmp/sb5LSsXA > /tmp/sbGOhhc7 2>&1 
COCKPIT_HOME not defined. Setting to /opt/sap/COCKPIT-4
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: Create Technical User failed -- java.sql.SQLException: JZ006: Caught IOException: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused
	at com.sybase.ua.plugins.asemap.util.TechnicalUserUtility.main(TechnicalUserUtility.java:335)
Sun Oct  9 08:46:16 2016: 
Sun Oct  9 08:46:21 2016: (SQL command) shutdown with nowait
Is there any other place where I can look to find why the installer fails?

It seems the software itself is installed, so I would also be happy by manually finishing the installation.

This is only for some testing and playing around with it, so I don't need a perfectly tuned or reliant installation.

Any input is appreciated