I am installing postgresql v 9.4.5 on Linux and use the --with-perl option. The plperl.so module does not get compiled. There are no errors during the compile and I have installed on many other servers without running across this problem.

The only clue that I have is in the config.log:

configure:7299: checking for perl
configure:7317: found /usr/local/bin/perl
configure:7329: result: /usr/local/bin/perl
configure:7341: using perl 5.18.1
configure:7374: checking for Perl archlibexp
configure:7378: result: /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.18.1/x86_64-linux
configure:7380: checking for Perl privlibexp
configure:7384: result: /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.18.1
configure:7386: checking for Perl useshrplib
configure:7390: result: false

Other server installations show "true" here instead of "false"

I need plperl.so to be created during the install so that I can upgrade from 9.1.9 to 9.4.5

Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Much appreciated.