I am trying to create a drop down list showing the fields of a table. For each record, some fields are filled in and others are blank. I wanted to filter the drop down list so that it only returns the blank fields for the record selected in a previous combo box. Thus when the user selects a record in the first combo box, then clicks the second combo box, they are presented with a list of the fields that are blank for that particular record. The next stage (which I already have working) is that once the relevant field is selected, focus is set to that field on the form. I would like to eliminate the option of clicking on a field that is already filled in by removing it from the drop down.

I'm currently using the "Field List" control for the Record List property, based on the main table - therefore it's showing them all. I wondered if I could create a query that copies all blank field names for a record to a new table and uses that, or returns only blank columns (not records) so I can base the Field List of that.

Any clues?