Hi all; I'm working on a database to track design guidelines for various cities. Essentially, each field in my main table is a design question that gets answered yes/no/maybe. I need to track certain properties of each design question - for instance, they are categorically different from each other (e.g. Structural vs Electrical), some questions might require further clarification if "Yes" is selected (creating an item in a separate table).

Quick sample table structure:

City (PK)     Q1    Q2     Q3      Q4
New York      Yes   No     No      No
Baltimore     No    Yes    No      Yes
San Diego     Yes   Yes    Yes     No

Q1, Q2, and Q3 are electrical design questions.
Q4 is a structural design question.

Q2 requires further data (an "exception") if it is selected "Yes"

My solution in the past was to add an entry for this extra data, and just filter it out of all my reports, like so:

City (PK)              Q1          Q2          Q3          Q4
0Category           Electrical  Electrical  Electrical  Structural
0ExceptionRequired    FALSE       TRUE        FALSE       FALSE
New York               Yes         No          No          No
Baltimore              No          Yes         No          Yes
San Diego              Yes         Yes         Yes         No
What I've started to explore is instead using a lookup table to store these design question properties:

Design Question (PK)     Category     Exception Required?
          Q1            Electrical           FALSE
          Q2            Electrical           TRUE
          Q3            Electrical           FALSE
          Q4            Structural           FALSE
I'm having trouble determining if this is a good-practice use of a lookup table. Any advice one way or another is awesome - if I'm just thinking about this the wrong way and you want to rip up both methods, that's fine too.