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    Question Unanswered: VBA Help to read the recordset of a form and create new record

    Hi Basically I'm stuck, and need help please

    I am using Access 2007, what I am trying to accomplish is this, when an engineer goes out to a service call, the user will fill in the details of the service call via a form, and set the call status from open to complete

    If I add "Add New Record" button, to the form, this will indeed generate a new record for this customer/machine, but I have lost the detail to the original record set, for I need to calculate the next service date, from the completion date of the previous record

    What I would like if possible!, When the status field is changed from open to complete, I need to read the current form details, create a new record and calculate the next service date e.g. 6 months in the future, and populate the next service date.


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    click new record button
    get the CustID from the form
    create an append query that adds the new record and posts the 6 mos date,


    then open the record using the CustID and the next date.

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