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    Exclamation Unanswered: Total mySQL Noob - Heavy MySQL queries

    I am stuck on where to ask this question. I am a total buffoon when it comes to MySQL... I have a blog setup and just received the below email from my hosting:

    Our server administrators have detected that the database 'Blah' was getting heavy quires. The volume of which is sufficient enough to degrade overall performance of other websites hosted on the shared server.

    To reduce the impact on the servers and other customer accounts, we had to temporarily disable website and CGI services for your hosting account 'blah'.

    I have uploaded sample SQL query which was causing the issue in the file 'sqlquery.txt' in stats folder.

    Please administrate your database and address the large queries. These types of queries are often generated by plugins and set to re-occur at regular intervals.
    As far as I know, everything has been running smoothly up until this point and I've never had an issue. The problem is, I literally know nothing.... so trying to diagnose the issue seems almost impossible. If I at least knew what was causing the issue, I could repair it.

    Here is a dropbox link to the SQL query... if anyone can help shed some light or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Try creating an index on the column `post_id` of the table `wp_postmeta`

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    Which hosting company you are using? Are you using any automatic tool or software which manipulate data and send no. of request automatically?

    I think you are on shared hosting that's why they fear of the resources of their servers.

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