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    Unanswered: How to move a DB (with data content) from Oracle to MySQL (or vice versa)?

    Assume I have an existing DB in Oracle.
    Nothing extraordinary: Some tables with some foreign key references and some data rows.

    What is the easiest way to retrieve the table+index definitions and the data rows from Oracle and create them and insert them into a MySQL DB?

    Possibly there is a comfortable 3rd party tool available?

    Thank you

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    No easy way.

    For a huge number of data, use any tool like Sybase PowerDesignor to reverse and "translate" your Oracle model to mysql.

    Then use any pipe program to pass the data from Oracle to Mysql (MS-Access, MS-SQL )
    For a small number of huge tables you can use Oracle external tables to export your tables and mysql csv engine to recover them.
    F. Celaia
    DBA Oracle/MS-SQL/MySQLSybase/DB2/

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