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    Unanswered: Error message during "db2adutl grant user ..."


    during granting user from one server to access the backup images that are available on a different server I get the following error message:

    --- ERROR! Database not found in system directory! ---

    Error: dsmSetAccess failed with TSM return code 124

    The command which caused this message was:

    db2adutl grant user db2inst1 on NODENAME PROD for db SAMPLE

    We have 2 VMs and 2 TSM Servers:

    PROD VM (Database Server)
    PROD TSM (here are the prod Backups)

    TEST VM (Database Server)

    Now I wish to perform a restore into test with a PROD Backup Image. Therefore I have to access the PROD TSM from the TEST environment.

    Can anyone help me?

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    Contact your TSM-administrator and ask for your tsm-nodes to be configured to allow CROSS NODE restores. This is not a DB2 matter, it is a matter for TSM only.

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    Thank you very much db2mor. I have contacted our TSM administrator.

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