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    Unanswered: use bldrtn script with remote database

    Hi all,
    I'm using DB2 10.5 client on Linux, and I have a server on a remote machine which can be Windows, Linux or AIX.

    I want to use bldrtn script to create C++ routines and store them in the server so that they can be invoked by some triggers defined on the remote db.
    My doubt is: is this ok for remote servers also?

    That is, even if the bldrtn script is invoked on the Linux client, does the compiler run on the remote server machine, so I need to install the proper compiler on Windows/Linux/AIX? Are there limitations/concerns to use bldrtn this way?


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    bldrtn as supplied by IBM expects everything to be locally installed (i.e. the compiler/linker etc).
    Better to use ssh to automate the bldrtn on each target environment, unless you have all the relevant cross compilers accessible locally on Linux.

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