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    Unanswered: Automatically Attach/Call object from a folder

    I wish to update some fields below using a combo boxes "Number" and "Position1".
    Every other field is automatically updated as planned except the Signature1 which is meant to automatically attache or call a corresponding image from the desktop.
    The signature field is actually an OLE. I can actually attach the image manually but that's not what i want. Please help me check the directory or what code should i use to call the image from the computer. thanks.

    below is the lines of codes;

    Private Sub Position1_Change()
    If Me.Number = "192216" And Me.Position1 = "President" Then
    Me.Signatory1 = "Mr. Obey H."
    Me.Phone1 = "08035000000"
    Me.Signature1 = "C:\Users\Chyckooo\Desktop\Signature\chika.jpe g"
    End If
    End Sub

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    If you store the image path in a field [sigPath]
    Me.Signature1 = loadpicture( me.SigPath)

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