Hi everyone, it's been a while. At work we use Spreadsheets that contains data for tracking return dates. What I have done is Conditionally format my sheet to change to a certain color when the Return Date is entered. Then I do a Custom Sort that moves all the ones that have return dates and highlighted a color to the top of the sheet in last name order. Then it places all those without a return date in last name order. What I want to know is there a way to put both the Conditional Formatting and the Custom Sort where it is on the master sheet and then put out to everyone else that opens this sheet also? When others open the sheet right now the Conditional Format stays in the sheet and works for others and they love it. However, the Custom Sort doesn't stay in the sheet and I have to go to all users to put in the Custom Sort. How can I make this be there for everyone to use?

Thank you,