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    Question Unanswered: How to import Multi language file in DB2 Table.

    I have a table with 3 columns and a CSV file has to be imported into it but file contains more than 13 Language to insert in the table.

    How can i import that file.??

    Using Code page i was only able to import a single language and if i am using CCSID Unicode then Spanish Language is going in table with Junk Characters.

    Please tell How can i import the data?
    MY Db2 version is 10.1

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    Post your DB2-client software db2level output, and the operating-system details that runs your DB2-server.
    Post if you are attempting the import locally on the DB2-server or from remote on a different hostname that has a DB2-client installed, or a JDBC type4 driver etc.
    If your DB2-server runs on AIX or Linux or Windows, your database needs to be a UTF-8 encoded database, and target tables must not have any different ccsid attribute.
    If you are importing the CSV file locally on the DB2-server and that DB2-server runs on Linux/Unix/Windows, try using the modified by codepage=XXX where XXX matches the supported UTF-8 codepage for your environment (e.g. 1208 on Windows etc).

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