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    Unanswered: Querying varied databases

    I am seeking to create a browser addin for attorney and representative representing social security disability applicants. To file for disability, one must move through a long series of web based forms with lots of data entry. Unfortunately all of these data items would be items in the attorney/representatives case management database. There are several case management products specific to social security disability, the most prominent being an Advantage Database Server based product called Prevail.

    I want to create functionality to query a database and autopopulate these forms. This functionality is not available in Prevail and other products, because frankly these are expensive and complacent legacy products. They obviously would have no interest in helping me highlight their deficiencies.

    So I guess a threshold is what is doable? What are the parameters of what is doable? Must all data sources be Relational DB? ODBC compliant?

    I know that Advantage Database Server is a really old product, but there is a Advantage ODBC Driver. Is that what I would need to access data from a browser for the Prevail product? Or via java are we talking about JODBC? I am also looking for someone skills in databases to partner with on this project. Thanks.

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    You have a number of choices as to what language to use to build your Web application.
    You need only do a Google search for: web application languages to find many of them listed.
    Perhaps you need to set your criteria for making that initial decision.
    * Availability of developers for that language
    * Anticipated longevity of that language
    * Etc.
    Once you have selected a language you might want to test the accessibility of the intended data. In some cases, this data may be behind security 'walls' and not allow 'external' access.

    You should look over:

    If you needed to access other Database Servers, you would need those separate connection string.

    You would use a Connection string like that to establish the connection and then use SQL Queries to acquire/delete/update the data.

    Personally I'd first start with finding out about your ability to gain access to the data sources. It would be a shame to put a lot of time and money into developing an application only to find out that you were prevented from accessing the data.

    EDIT - I'll add that I use VB.ASP for my web applications and they access 'backend' data tables within a Database via a Connection and an SQL Query command.
    That is just one possible approach out of many.

    Good Luck
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    " There are several case management products specific to social security disability, the most prominent being an Advantage Database Server based product called Prevail."
    Just because another application (e.g. Prevail) uses the Advantage Database Server for THEIR OWN data, does not mean that you need to use it for your own application's data.

    The primary question is where is YOUR data coming from - you would want to store it into YOUR OWN database.
    Typically you would not get YOUR data from some other application's database unless you intended your application to reside only in those attorney/representative offices where Prevail was already installed - so that you could 'leach' off of their Prevail data - something the Prevail developers might not appreciate.

    However if that were the case, I'd guess that their Advantage database would be secured by, at the very least, Username/Password security.
    If Prevail is web-based, then that Advantage database might be centrally situated, but the developers might very likely not allow 'external' access.
    If Prevail was not web-based, then the Advantage databases would, most likely, be local to those individual offices.
    Again, the Prevail developers might very likely not allow 'external' access, but if they did you might possibly need a different database username/password for each office's installation.

    The other alternative would be to get your data from some original source.
    I am no expert on this, but I'd guess that to file for Social Security Disability, an end-customer would need to have data entered into the 'official' Social Security database - either entered themselves or by some other representative.

    And I'd guess that the Social Security databases would not be accessible to 'outside' entities due to HIPPA and other restrictions.

    So once again I'd advise you to first investigate your ability to access the data before considering writing an application that would be dependent on it.

    Once you have ascertained that the required data was accessible, come back and we can then begin discussing how to approach an application.

    Good Luck

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