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    Unanswered: need help with permission and login

    There is the questions that i need to figure out, i am confused ,
    Write a script to create a new login called ass8 (password is also ass8) as a member of
    dbcreator server role in your SQL Server.

    Set master as your active database and run an EXECUTE AS statement to switch from your
    login to ass8 and Run CREATE DATABASE db_ass8.

    Expand the Security folder of your server to find ass8 login. Double click to open ass8
    property dialog. Select 'Server Roles' on the left panel. What server roles ass8 has?

    Select 'User Mapping' on the left panel. Click on db_ass8 database. What user ass8 login
    is now mapped to? What database roles this user has in db_ass8?

    /* Q2.
    After Q1, write a script to switch back to your administrator login and remove ass8 from
    dbcreator role but map it as ass8u user with a db_datareader role in the AP database.

    With the membership of db_datareader, ass8u can access every table of AP. If it is decided
    to let ass8u keep db_datareader membership but have no permission to read GLAccounts data,
    what statement needs to execute for this purpose?

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    What have you tried already?
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