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    Unanswered: Update huge table with million of rows

    Hi All,

    I have a table with 150 million rows and need to update/insert in another similar structured table.

    below is the update which needs to perform:

    Update cord1_odometer_cur..asset_odometer_estimate_test
    set est_odom_reading = b.est_odom_reading
    , est_mos_in_svc=b.est_mos_in_svc
    , est_bk_val=b.est_bk_val
    , SPIN_audit_update_dt=getdate()
    , est_basis_cd=b.est_basis_cd
    from cord1_odometer_cur..asset_odometer_estimate_test a
    INNER JOIN abc..asset_odometer_estimate_stg b
    ON a.SPIN_asset_id=b.SPIN_asset_id
    and a.est_odom_reading_dt=b.est_odom_reading_dt;

    Stage table is not having any indexes as of now and _test table has unique index constraint on SPIN_ASSET_ID and est_odom_reading_dt.

    Saurabh Goyanka

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    what is the problem?

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