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    Unanswered: Verifying DB2 Backups

    I am trying to put in a script to verify the DB2 backups occasionally. Since we use TSM, I am using db2adutl verify for this. I am stuck with it as I am not able to get the negative return code or find an invalid backup. Also the output from db2adutl verify seems to be too big to store in a file and check for keywords.
    Is there a better way to do this? We just want to check/validate the backup.

    It will be common to all DB2 versions and used for DBs upto 50GB in size.

    Thank you

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    As you observed: the output of db2adutl verify, and db2ckbkp can be verbose depending on the options given.

    You don't need to store the output in a file (unless you want to retain that) , you can pipe to a script to do whatever checking you deem meaninfgul if the operating system platform is linux/unix/windows. For tiny databases up to 50GB as you mentioned, the output of db2adutl verify, or db2ckbkp should be trivial for a competent scripter.

    I have found that DB2-online-backup to TSM has reliable exit-codes from the CLP, and in the DB_HISTORY, and in the db2diag.

    Validation of the backup means different things to different people, from a simple header check to validation of every detail of the image.

    Remember that validation of the backup is only one aspect - for tiny databases like 50gigabytes it may be simpler to automate a redirected restore to alternate locations and prove the rollforward to whatever point in time is working as expected.

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