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    Unanswered: DeadLock issue when SP is called parallely

    I have a batch code with inserts data in table1. and a SP which will update the same table1 (with update and merge stmt) and will push the data to table2. when SP is called parallel files.. facing dead loock issue.. please help

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    Insuffient information. Give basic facts about your environment and the SQL and tables and indexes involved. The DB2 knowledge centre for your version/platform of DB2 has information to help you diagnose lock conflicts. If you are using DB2 V10.5 or higher on Linux/Unix/Windows there is an event monitor for locking that if you properly configure will give you a lot of information.

    Troubleshooting deadlocks is a basic DBA skill, so try getting some education from the knowledge centre and help yourself.

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    maybe a lock table in the sp can help ...
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