Hi all,

I could really use some help. I have very little experience with databases, just what I learned in school about Access and MYSQL, years ago. I work in a SOC and I've been tasked with putting something together to track Client information, installation status, and other basic information like that. And make it so the entire team can access/update that information easily. Right now we just have excel spreadsheets that get emailed back and forth and keep coming across issues with people working off of different versions of the spreadsheet. I've been able to build an Access DB from the spreadsheets and used Infopath to create a form to view and update the information but I can't figure out how to make the search more flexible. It requires the exact spelling and spacing of the client names to work. How can I set it to search using wildcards or seeing that it currently has only 200 entries but is expected to grow substantially, should i just scrap it and use something else to build the db and form?