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    Exclamation Unanswered: Run-time error '6': Overflow

    Dear friends,
    I can not change my software anymore. When I start the Form Editor, I get a Run-time error '6': Overflow.
    I tried to reinstall Brilliant 10.5, but the problem still exists.
    Any suggestions how to solve this issue?
    Thank you for your kind help in advance.
    Best regards,


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    Which operating system?

    - Try the latest 10.54 Version, even it is beta.

    When you reinstall Brilliant you need to delete manual the program folder and the folder unter users.

    Some parts of Brilliant seems to be written with Visual Basic 6 which could have problems with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

    As the rest of us: Hope that some day there would be an update which solves all known problems, or use another software. Please let us know if you have a suitable alternative.

    P.S. do not expect many answers here. Most have abandon Brilliant due to the support situation....

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    This is why it's important to enable the backup mode. Error sometime corrupt the files and can't be re-open. I use 10 min back-up and never lost my bd since i do that.

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    your database is lost, you would not be able to work with it again, it is a tragedy, try to open the las working database you have

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