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    Unanswered: Update a new table through a form with data from another table

    Hi All,

    A have a table, let's call it ONE and I would like to import data though a form. I want also the ttwo colums of this table to be filled with data from another table, let's call it TWO, where the DATE and the CODE meet the criteria.
    It may sound very easy to some of you but I am not very familiar with databases...

    Every help is appreciated!


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    Use an update query. Bring in both table into the query, join on the common field, use criteria from the form.
    Docmd.openquery "quUpdateForm"

    Update one,two set [field]=forms!myForm!cboBox where one.field1=two.field2

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    Thank you very much Ramman for your answer but I think I am more confused now! :-)

    Anyway I will give it a try and I will let you know. Do you think there is any other way to achieve that?

    To discribe the project, I want to make a db for tracking my bets.

    So I have a table with the offered games sorted by date and code and I want to bulid a new table where I will insert the date and the code and the two teams will be entered to the new table automaticaly.

    Then I will fill manually my pick.

    I wonder if my approach is right.

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