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    Unanswered: Seeking database help to drive a products website

    I'm looking to build a highly technical product-finder website. The goal is to allow users to choose 1 or more industries (e.g., electronics, aerospace), 1 or more domains (e.g., heat-exchanger, rotor, pump), and then display a set of products that match these search filters. I'd also like to allow users to specify advanced filters such as price, region, material (steel or plastic), etc.

    In addition, I would also like to display a matching set of articles, jobs, trade-show events, etc. based on the top-level industries and domains selection.

    What would be the best architecture for such a web-based application? In each case the listing content will comprise mainly text, images and some video. I imagine have a database drive all search queries/results would be most efficient as opposed to using tags, attributes, etc.

    Thanks in advance for helping a total newbie out! Best regards,


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    you may want to move your question to the database concepts and design group on this forum rather than database specific product like MYSQL

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