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    Unanswered: Backup compress aborts with SQL1224


    I have a DB2 v10.1 FP5 ESE. The Operatingsystem is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4

    For a few weeks it is no more possible to run a backup (online or offline) with the Option "compress"
    The backup starts but fails after having copied about 70 % with Error SQL1224

    Here are the command and the message: (the backup is run with the instance user)

    01/03/2017 08:45:21 backup db VMRXAT14 online compress include logs
    01/03/2017 09:00:29 SQL1224N The database manager is not able to accept new requests, has terminated all requests in progress, or has terminated the specified request because of an error or a forced interrupt. SQLSTATE=55032

    In the db2diag.log there is no further message

    What could be the reason of the issue?

    Thanks in advance

    ==> more Iinformation:
    A Backup without compression runs fine.

    I can back up each tablespace separatly with compression, but for the biggest one (about 65 GBytes) the backup fails (SQL1224N)

    May be the compression library ( is corrupt, but how can I check it?

    I could solved the Problem:
    some developers created a threshod (SYSCAT.THRESHOLDS) to force all sessions that runs more than 15 minutes because of some batches running more than 24 hozurs . So the backup aborted after 15 minutes..
    I extended the threshold to 150 minutes, the backup ran successfully last night

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