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    Database design for leveled characters

    I have characters I want to store in a database. Each character has attributes. The thing that makes it difficult for me is that each character has different attributes depending on their level.

    For example:
    Character A
    - Level = 1
    - Hitpoints = 100
    - Mana = 50

    and then later they could upgrade:
    Character A
    - Level = 2
    - Hitpoints = 120
    - Mana = 60

    I have a bunch of different characters and some go up to level 13. I feel like I should have each character be its own Table. Does that sound like a good solution or should I organize it differently?

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    All character's should be in the same table.

    This should like a spreadsheet solution, but you could build a players table with the attribute information tied to their field. Unless all level 2 characters get the same hit point etc then you could build out an attribute table 1 - 20 level for instance and assign a PK to the table. Then you could have a FK on the players table that ties to the attribute field each time the player is updated.

    I would personally build a stand alone table and just put the information all together. The attributes provide a fact about your key, the character id. (I think)

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    Database design for leveled characters

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