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    Just wondering a little about this database. I am need of a desktop calendar feature and this might meet my needs. However it seems that there is not much support. Just wondering if it's worth the time and searching for opinions . Thanks

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    Hello. Some time ago, I was looking for a replacement database application and found Brilliant. I did diligent research, communicated with the top people on this forum, and even with the developer, expressing both my goals and concerns. After much research, a quick trial, and written assurance by the developer along with several contact addresses, I took the bait and bought the whole package--about $1,200.

    I found the support on this forum to be outstanding. However, it appears most of the top people no longer post. For my part, some very critical issues were reported and verified, including reports that would improperly provide erroneous answers with only a temporary work-a-round rather than a direct fix. This and other issues THAT WERE NEVER RESPONDED TO OR FIXED BY THE DEVELOPER led me to decide not to invest my time in creating business solutions in Brilliant for my firm or our clients.

    The promise of it is amazing, the results not so much. The developer very rarely would respond to ANY type of support requests, and always with a promise that support would return to quick and helpful responses. Even a long-awaited update and a "cloud" option were very disappointing.

    As a purchaser, I feel I was ripped off. As a user and consultant, I could not recommend a product which seems to have NO continuous support and NO interest on the part of the developer to fix the few key issues and provide some support, especially considering the FREE support his firm gets from users here.

    If you only want this to use some features in non-critical applications--read, decide and make your decision. For business or development purposes, I would highly recommend anyone seek an alternative--if they can find one.
    By the way, if you do find one, let the rest of us know

    Hope this helps. I sure wish I would have known better!

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    I am late here and have really nothing to add that John F14 did not already address. This software is amazing and can do some incredible things; however, there are lots of bugs that have been reported time and time again yet these still exist. The most frustrating part is the TOTAL lack of customer support regarding ANYTHING with this program. I often had issues with inconsistent behavior of the program... sometimes the results would be 'x' and sometimes 'y' with absolutely no changes to any of the information. My project revolved around hospital work and the results HAD to be spot on every time but it became obvious that Brilliant Database simply was not up to the task. If all of the bugs were addressed (just think of all the free beta testing that this community has done!) this could be a truly wonderful product. Most people had left this tool only after repeatedly trying (actually begging and pleading) for support. Sadly, and if my memory serves me correctly, the biggest advocate for Brilliant Database that was here (Tubbritt) left after trying to buy multiple licenses of Brilliant Database and not ever getting a reply from the developer... MacHeuS was extremely gifted and helped me through many difficult problems that I was having but I see that it has been a while since he too has been here. Overall, there appears to be little activity here on this forum for Brilliant Database which unfortunately was the only avenue available for help.
    Daryl G

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