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    Unanswered: Need Help with Form for Golf Scorecard

    I've setup a skeleton form which will input data for a player's golf scorecard, but it is not functional since it's complexity is out of my comprehension. I've attached an image of the form and of my relationships.

    My ideal workflow would go as such:
    1. Type in the LeagueName and have its League_ID autofill
    2. Enter Date in its field
    3. Type a player's FirstName and LastName and have its Player_ID autofill
    4. Enter Score for "frames" 1-9 in their fields
    5. Submit a player's "scorecard" with a button that enters each Score for each PLAYER_FRAME field

    Like I said this is very complex (for me), but I am working with what I believe my end result should look like. If anything, I might want to add additional lines for submitting all players on a scorecard at once, but I figure I could just start with one player at a time.

    Thanks again for any help!

    Libreoffice Base
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'll begin by saying that I know Nothing about the Libreoffice Base development environment and I have very little knowledge about Golf.

    Regardless there appear to be more than a few on-line tutorials for Libreoffice Base at:

    However, in general, I'd recommend that you don't get the "horse before the cart".
    Before you start thinking about how to interact with the data, you need to break your project down into smaller parts and think about what is needed to support each part.
    1. How will you enter/update/delete player info?
    2. How will you enter/update/delete league info?
    This type of functionality is typically done in their own separate screens/forms since the data is unique to the entity.

    Your example entry screen image (way too soon to be thinking about that) shows a few data tables. Does each one contain all of the fields that will be needed for each data type?

    Also decide/map-out what you want to do with the data once you have entered it.
    1. Updating the score card might be just one activity.
    2. Printing reports might be another.

    Moving from one type of functionality to another is quite often done via an over-all menu of some sort.

    I have created many multi-function systems of a similar complexity like this with other languages so I'd recommend that you first 'map-out' your over-all system. Don't worry if you don't get absolutely everything, you can always add to it later. But try to lay-out an over-all design.

    Then, with that in mind, go to the tutorials and see what (if anything) you see there might be used to fit your needs. And then start building.

    Good Luck
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