Hi All!

I have an interesting problem that I can't wrap my head around. I have a database with an intersection table between two others as follows:
Table Env_DAH:
DAHENV (char(1)) k
DAHGCD (char(4)) k
DAHDSC (char(30))

Table Env_CST:
CMPENV (char(1)) k
CMPCSD (char(16)) k
CMPDES (char(30))

Table Env_DAD:
DADENV (char(1)) k
DADGCD (char(4)) k
DADCST (char(16)) k
Env_DAD is the intersection between the other two.

For reasons too irritating to go into (unless people really want to know), I need some way of passing a list of DADCST values and a DADENV value to Env_DAD and getting back the DADGCD value that contains all of them. I don't want anything returned that contains some and not others, or everything in the passed list and more besides.

Any suggestions?