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    Unanswered: db2 v11.1 on SUSE SLES 12 --> Tivoli SA MP

    I have been playing with installing Tivoli SA MP on some servers. Our new server is SUSE SLES 12 and I have DB2 10.5.7 installed. Tried installing the SA MP component and got an error telling me that SUSE 12 is not compatible with 10.5.... I looked this up and yes indeed it is documented as such...

    prereqSAM: Detected operating system Linux
    prereqSAM: Detected architecture i386x
    prereqSAM: Detected distribution SUSE
    prereqSAM: Supported operating system versions SUSE Linux i386x - 10.1 11.0
    prereqSAM: Detected operating system version
    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)
    VERSION = 12

    What I can't find is whether SUSE SLES 12 is compatible with DB2 V11.1 which I hope to upgrade to at some point. Does anyone have any experience using Tivoli SA MP on a SUSE 12 system with 11.1>? I find it odd that SUSE 12 is not supported in DB2 10.5, but I don't see any documentation so far that says it is supported under DB2 11.1


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    It's not about the DB2 & OS but about TSAMP & OS compatibility.

    DB2 10.5.7 should come with TSAMP according to this:
    DB2 10.5.8 & 11.1.1 comes with TSAMP

    TSAMP supports SLES 12 (it's better to install the latest fixpack actually)

    But TSAMP doesn't support SLES 12

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