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    Hey, I know a bit about databases, but I would love to learn more


    I used to create databases in Microsoft Access XP and Access 2003 when I was younger (in middle school), and now I am interested in expanding my db palette. I know there are a lot of advantages in backing up data and saving a lot of data in a database. I understand the caveats of good navigation design, but I still would love to understand CLI and other databases outside of a GUI.

    I was browsing around on the internet and I want to know what places I can go to talk about server maintenance in the world? I work and live in New York and I am looking for live conferences about managed databases, maybe managed it services, and other managed service providers in the city.

    Thanks for having me!

    EDIT: Right now, I work at a small in house it support company called ETech 7, so I would love to apply this to network monitoring hardware and to keep track of annoying ie9 patches
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